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Moov Pain Relief Cream
Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Moov Pain Relief Cream

  • Tube of 50gm Cream
  • Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Rs.189 8% OFF Rs.173.88 (Estimated Price)

    Rs.189 8% OFF Rs.173.88 (Estimated Price)


Product Description
MOOV is the preferred choice as a pain relieving ointment. This specialised ayurvedic product contains active ingredients such as oil of Wintergreen, Tarpin oil, Nilgiri oil and Mint flowers to provide a soothing warmth in order to relieve pain. Moov penetrates deep inside, produces warmth and helps you recover fast. Moov is 100% natural Ayurvedic preparation. It’s Fast Relief Formula’ relaxes the muscles and provides fast relief.

For External Use Only

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